• Image of Antoillier Necklace
  • Image of Antoillier Necklace

A naturally shed antler tip held captive by a hand forged brass metal hoop is suspended from a long chain adorned with small red African accent beads. Accent beads vary based on stock.

Antler comes from the Old French 'Antoillier'. In most species, only males grow antlers and their primary function is to increase his likelihood of sexual selection by attracting females or fighting other males. In many temperate zone species, antlers are shed and regrown each year. Hurray!

✘ pendant measures: 4" x 2"
✘ chain measures: 28"
✘ brass & naturally shed dear antler
✘ handmade in Portland, Oregon

Each piece is handmade. Metal markings and shapes may slightly vary from the image shown. Please allow 1-2 weeks to receive your item as we make to order. For rush delivery please message us after placing your order.