Wholesale Inquires
We are currently open to new stockist and would love to see Salt in your shop. Please reach us using the contact page or email us at hello@thesaltempire.com  Please include your business name and website.

Jewelry Care
To avoid getting unwanted tangles in your jewelry, always store your necklaces, tassels and dangly pieces vertically from a hook or jewelry stand. When you adventure with your jewels, put your piece in ziplock baggies with the clasp or ear wire hanging outside of the seal.

Jewelry Cleaning (Brass)
Brass will tarnish with time and wear. To keep your piece from tarnishing, store jewelry in a sealed container or bag. If tarnishing occurs, sprinkle baking powder on a dry cloth and rub clean and rinse. Jewelers’ cloths and commercial jewelry cleaners will also clean your piece.

Gold-Fill General Care
Gold can be cleaned with warm, soapy water and a cloth. Jewelers' cloths or polishing cloths will also remove any residues.

Tassel Care
Keep your tassels in line with a tiny comb or brush and hang vertically to avoid excess tangles. A sprits of fabric starch and quick comb can bring life back to a tassel that's been out on the town.

We use gold-fill ear wires and posts on all of our designs. It is uncommon for sensitive wearers to react to brass. Yay! If you have a specific question or need regarding allergies, please contact us.

Custom Design
We LOVE custom work. If you’d like a piece altered in length, have a specific metal preference, or a new design idea just send an email to Hello@thesaltempire.com 

Gift Packaging 
Jewelry is shipped in kraft paper jewelry boxes. We do not ship an invoice or a receipt on domestic orders to save paper. We typically send orders in a USPS small priority box or envelope. If it is a gift, please let us know when you checkout and we'll include a message from you.

*Returns or Cancelled Orders
As policy, all sales are final unless there is a gross misrepresentation of the product delivered. However, we want you to love your jewelry. Please message us with inquires. Cancelling your order can be hard on our business as we create each piece to order and very well began production of your jewelry. Please consider this when cancelling your order. All cancelled orders will incur a $5 processing fee per item deducted from your reimbursement. 

If you have any further questions, please email us at Hello@thesaltempire.com

XOXO - The Salt Empire